Coming soon: The podcast on doing business in Japan

Podcast Japan - What could possibly go wrong?

Japan – What could possibly go wrong?

We are soon launching our podcast. There are some technical issues that remain. We have a great lineup of amazing people sharing their views, experiences and insights with you on doing business in Japan.

Focus is on how to make your business grow in Japan, mistakes that great people have made in Japan and some amazing gems on how to grow as a human being.

Our amazing friends share not only their success stories but also their mistakes and shortcomings. This adds up to a lot of things to learn and to enjoy!

Stay tuned and buckle up! There are great lessons to be learned!

Our first interview is with Calle Eklund, Swedish national and CEO of Hoganas Japan K.K.

Calle Eklund, CEO of Hoganas Japan K.K. in his friendly office in central Tokyo.

Stay tuned!