80-20 Business Insights Reports

80% of the information at 20% of the cost. According to Jeff Bezos, you only need 70% of available data and information to make good and useful decisions. Our 80-20 Business Insight Reports are produced fast, meaning you don’t need to wait for the data to become obsolete. The speed also means you can act on the intelligence faster. The focus on actionable insights shortens the time to read.

Example of 80-20 BI Reports

  • Identifying Investment Opportunities – Finding the signal in the noise, pinpointing promising investment avenues and facilitating investment decisions.
  • Due Diligence – Ensuring secure and informed decisions for investment, acquisition, strategy deployment, strategic partnerships, market entries etc.
  • Competitor Overview – Analyzing your competitors’ strategies and operations. Giving you a competitive edge and inspiration.
  • SWOT Analysis – Leveraging the 80/20 rule to home in on the critical 20% of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that are likely to account for 80% of business impact.
  • Market Entry Strategy Analysis – Guiding businesses in crafting strategies for market entry by focusing on the most significant market insights needed for a successful entry.
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis – Supplying insights that challenge your status quo, helping you optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Innovation Opportunities – This topic leans more towards internal business strategies and organizational innovation, not directly focusing on sales, market expansion, or commercialization.
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap – This primarily addresses internal business processes and technological advancements, not explicitly focusing on sales or market expansion.
  • Implementing AI – Similar to the digital transformation roadmap, it concentrates on leveraging technology internally rather than market expansion or commercialization efforts.
  • Cross-Border Business Strategy – Assisting in crafting strategies that help businesses successfully navigate cross-border expansions, considering the critical 20% of factors that drive 80% of the success.
  • Sales Optimization – Guiding businesses to focus on the top 20% of sales strategies that are predicted to bring in 80% of the revenue, optimizing sales efforts for greater profitability.
  • Commercialization Roadmap – Offering a roadmap on the essential 20% of actions that will facilitate 80% of the product’s journey from concept to market, ensuring successful commercialization.
  • Export Strategy and Compliance – Assisting with your strategies of export compliance requirements covering the legalities and standards. Also looking at partners for facilitating smooth cross-border business.
  • Brand Expansion – Guidance on the crucial 20% of brand strategies that can potentially expand your market share and brand equity by 80%.
  • Retail and Distribution Strategy – Leveraging the 80/20 rule to help businesses identify the top 20% of retail and distribution strategies that will cater to 80% of the market needs, optimizing market reach.
  • E-commerce Optimization – Applying the 80/20 rule to e-commerce strategies, focusing on the crucial 20% of actions that can potentially improve 80% of online sales performance.
  • Market Analysis and Forecasting – Guiding businesses to focus on the pivotal 20% of market trends and factors expected to dictate 80% of the market dynamics in the foreseeable future, helping make informed strategies.

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”80/20 BI has helped me identify investment opportunities I would never have discovered. They deliver incisive analysis applying the Pareto Principle, allowing me to make fast decisions and save huge amounts of time. A great help for guiding the next steps forward.”

Tony White, founder of BioPhorum and angel investor