SPECTARIS seminar where we share some of our business acumen

On the 23rd of September from 09:30 – 11:00 am CET, I will speak, together with Dr Kuboniwa from the JBA (Japan Bioindustry Assn) and Mr Kosuge from JETRO. The over-arching theme is: Analytical-, Bio- and Laboratory Technologies: Market and distribution opportunities for German manufacturers in Japan

It will be a well-invested one-and-a-half-hour if you are a manufacturing company in the pharma industry and looking at Japan as a potential new market or if Japan is a market you want to achieve more traction in.

I will share: Highly useful and pragmatic tips and three enlightening case studies from reality. I will also tell you how you, if you are an SME, can benefit from German’s RKW.

Come, enjoy, learn and ask questions!

Official invitational flyer (PDF) you find here

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